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Why are we charging for an email app?


At Nacho Cove we really wanted to give our app away for free, especially for end users that just want a great email app which makes them more productive. It would get lots of people using the app, we would get the feedback from them, and we could change the world a little bit faster. But, we have chosen a different path, and here’s why.
You are not the product

We are not selling ads, we are not selling user lists, and we are absolutely not selling any data about you, how you communicate or quite frankly anything about you at all. Somehow, we have to pay bills, so if you love our app and the time it saves you, we have a relatively nominal annual fee for the product … BUT the first year is free. This means that you don’t have to buy to try … you only buy if you come to rely on the product and the service we deliver.

Team Value (and pricing)

Individual users will get between 2–4 hours of time/week just by using Nacho Mail. They spend less time sorting and triaging email, and more time on the activities that matter most to them. For teams (sales teams, product teams, business units) we have an enterprise offering that offers all sorts of extra streamlined communications and which will give additional time savings (another 2–4 hours .. or almost a whole work day/week!!) I cannot disclose too many of them right now but they are VERY COOL.  They have proven time-savings and efficiency elements. Bets of all, teams can rapidly communicate, form and be re-formed without having to wait for an IT Service Request. Bottom line for you Nacho users out there, Nacho Mail will offer better, faster collaboration amongst your team. Of course, for those organizations that have certain compliance needs (government, healthcare etc.), we offer them a way to ensure that all communications and collaboration activities are compliant.

Best of All

The first year is FREE. That’s right, for a limited time, we are offering the first year free. Our goal is to make sure that you love the product so much that you won’t want to live without it.  So, yes, we are charging for the app, but you are not paying for an app that you don’t want to use… or paying to try out an app.


Chris Perret