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Setting up 2-factor token on Google Apps for Business

If you have Google Apps for Business as your primary email system configuring Nacho Mail to work should be pretty straightforward.   For most organizations, you simply need to enter your user name ( and your password.     If this does not work, your IT organization may require 2-factor passwords. Please note that the 2-factor token that you use for ay other iPhone email client will also work for Nacho Mail. If you have this token, just enter it into the password field of Nacho Mail.


Two Factor Login Required

Some organizations require two factor identification as a part of accessing your Google Apps for Business work account. In this case, you will need to get an authorization token from your personal settings page. To do this, do the following:

1)   On your desktop, or laptop computer log in to your email account (usually opening a web-page with “”), where “mydomain” is the domain of your company.

2)   Click on the (gear) settings icon in the upper right corner of your browser window. Select ->settings

3)   Choose accounts and imports -> other account settings

4)   On this page ( you will see an option -> app passwords

5)   Choose app-passwords -> “Mail” and “iPhone”

A 16-character token will be generated. You will use this token as your password when you set up Nacho Mail.     Once you have the 2-factor token; simply open up Nacho Mail and follow the login pages. When you are prompted for your password, enter the 16-character token you generated above.   If you use multiple email clients to access your Google Apps for Business account, each one of these clients will need to have the updated token input in the password field.