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Nacho Mail supports iOS9 – Plus other cool stuff



Nacho Cove announces iOS9 support

The next major release of Nacho Mail is scheduled to be in the App Store on the 18th of September. This version has full support for iOS9 as well as some very exciting new features that we are anxious to share with you.


iOS9 support 

In addition to supporting iOS9 features out of the box, Nacho Mail has also embraced the new security features of iOS9, which means that your MDM vendor can deliver Nacho Mail to all your employees, pre-configured with policy and subject to the security profiles required by your IT department.  Contact for more information.


Nacho Mail adds Gmail support

This release has added support for IMAP email services, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and all other IMAP email services.

Nacho Mail Support


Now with multi-account support

The latest release of Nacho Mail now has support for multi-account, so you can have a great email solution for your work and personal accounts. If your corporate IOT has added some controls on the work account, don’t worry, these controls apply to the work account only. Your personal accounts will never be wiped or subject to any corporate restrictions.   Just tap the account-id image on the top bar to change accounts.

Nacho Now (Refreshed)